fozen yog.. oh. frozen yogurt von donnerstag mit blaubeeren, himbeeren und müsli 
an dem tag hab ich auch mein zeugnis-ausgabe-american-apparel-kleid gekauft. uhhhh!

müllermilch, typ: american brownie limitiert! very delicious (;

bin ich froh, dass jetzt wochenende ist!
englisch mündlich/schriftlich und deutsch ist geschafft.
jetzt kommt am mittwoch nur noch mathe.. oh weh oh weh. 

last week i flew to san diego to see my antie
on day 1 i met her hot step daughter
shes a cheerleader, she is a virgin and she is really tan
as she stepped out of her massive car
i could only notice she was more than fuckable
i think she was coming back from the game or something
cause she was holding those silly pompoms
on day 2 i fucked her and it was wild
she is such a slut

i fucked my american cunt
i loved my english romance
i fucked my american cunt
i loved my english romance
it was dirty a dream came true
just like i like it shes got nice tits
it was perfect a dream came true
just like a song by blink182

ok listen girls
i met the hottest guy ever
basically as I was stepping out of my s.u.v.
i came face to face with my step cousin or whatever
who cares
anyway he was wearing skinny jeans had funky hair
and the cutest british accent ever
straight away I could tell he was a rocker
with his sexy attitude and the way he looked at me
mmm he is totally awesome
oh my god I think im in love

i fucked my american cunt (...) 2x

the teenagers // homecoming

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